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Project Description
This project is a simple mobile personal health record for storing various health measurements like blood pressure and wound images in a database (only thumbnails in prototype). It integrates with Microsoft SQL Data Service. Based on LWUIT for UI and Java running on J2ME.

A couple of years ago I bought a Sony Ericsson K800i. I wanted a phone capable of taking good images (also of wounds) and with an API for interfacing with network services. This application uses the lightweight user interface/LWUIT-library by Sun and is based on the J2ME. I have created a cloud database interface and a implementation of REST communication with Microsoft SQL Data Service to store blood pressure and wound thumbnails. By letting higher level code using this interface it should be possible to write lower level REST/SOAP? classes that interfaces with other cloud DB services. Please note that Microsoft SDS is in CTP (pr. 10 dec. 08) and the source code added here should only be used for testing at the moment.


- Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede
- Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java - nightly build v. 0.9.1
- Alternative IDE : Netbeans, but I like Eclipse editor/debugging experience better
- Sony Ericsson Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5
- Emulation with Sony Ericsson K800i


- Microsoft SQL Data Service access - you have to apply to get access
- Create an authority to get a DNS data service access point

Dependent libraries

- User interface: LWUIT-library
- XML parsing: KXML2-library


Sony Ericsson K800i only supports HTTP POST/GET and its thus only possible to store data and retrieve data, updating and delete is not supported


Main Menu

MPHR - Main Menu - small.jpg

Blood Pressure registration

MPHR - BP registration - small.jpg

Blood Pressure overview

MPHR - BP Overview - small.jpg

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